EVLÜ Klubi Võitja 2007 / EVLÜ Club Winner 2007

Šveitsi valgete lambakoerte (FCI 347) sertifikaadiõigusega erinäitus 
5. mail 2007 Tallinnas 
Kohtunik/Judge: Erica Bakker van de Woestijne (Hollandist)

Harjutuskohtunik/Training Judge: Astrid Lundava

Koht/Place: Hipodroom Paldiski mnt. 50, 10614 Tallinn

Koeri/Dogs: 32

Tallinna Hipodroomil toimunud erinäituse EVLÜ Klubi Võitja 2007 tulemused:

EVLÜ Klubi Võitja 2007

TP Achiever of The Heart Of Lothian

VSP Einstein Isy of The Heart Of Lothian

EVLÜ Klubi Juuniorvõitja 2007

TP J Estrellest Lisette

VSP J Caldwell W. Bohemia Mandiga


Emased Beebiklass:

Aloha the One and Only Kontrastas omanik Zivile Rockiene TPB

Isased Kutsikaklass:

Born to Win White D’Artagan omanik Jaak Perne VSP K, EAH

Emased Kutsikaklass:

Born to Win White Diamond omanik Marge Veelma EAH

Born to Win White Demremira omanik Margit Parman TP K, EAH

Isased Juuniorklass:

Born to Win White Braveheart omanik Vallo Veering VH4

Caldwell W.Bohemia Mandiga omanik Katrin Kaare SP1, VSP J, PI 2, EST J CAC

Estrellest La Rocco omanik Urve Kallavus SP3

Expect the Best von der Nordhelle omanikud Tiina Salo & Annamaria Ahtiainen, ei osalenud

Weissen Lindenhof Cosmo omanik Pia Jalomeri SP2, PI 3

Emased Juuniorklass:

Born to Win White Chad omanikud Jane Adov & Endel Evert, ei osalenud

Born to Win White Champion omanik Airi Lokk VH3

Born to Win White Creator omanikud Sirli Teinmann & Monika Laneman VH

Born to Win White Crusader omanik Zivile Rockiene VH

California W. Bohemia Mandiga omanik Elo Paap VH4

Estrellest Lisette omanikud Anu Oks & Andrus Oks SP1, TP J, EST J CAC

Estrellest Lucky omanik Hele Järv SP2

Isased Avaklass:

Aramis omanik Meeri Toomara VH3

Born to Win White Angel omanik Tiiu Rahuoja SP1, PI 4, S2

Flipper Fria of The Heart Of Lothian omanik Ülla-Karin Nurm SP2, S3, EST Sert

Emased Avaklass:

Achiever of The Heart Of Lothian omanik Monika Laneman  SP1, TP, PE 1, S1

Born to Win White Angela omanik Rutt Tamm SP

Born to Win White Aphrodite omanik Raivo Valk SP4

Estrellest Delya omanik Liia Juhani VH

Estrellest Desiree Demeter omanik Eve Reheväli SP3

Estrellest Demi Relle omanik Karin Põldoja SP2, PE 4, S4

Karden’s Destiny Edelweiss omanik Tiina Salo, ei osalenud

Isased Tsempionklass:

Einstein Isy of The Heart Of Lothian omanik Pille Lumi SP1, VSP, PI 1, S1

Evridikke Morris Baltic Beauty omanik Triin Härms SP2, S4

Emased Tsempionklass:

Arizona W. Bohemia Mandiga omanikud Heli & Monika Laneman SP3

Inassy Donnervara omanik Kestas Pedrauskas, ei osalenud

Majestic’s Romayenne omanik Zivile Rockiene SP2, PE 3, S3, EST Sert

Nice of You to Come Bye Almighty omanik Monika Laneman SP1, PE 2, S2


Kohtuniku kiri:

Judging Swiss White Shepherds in Estonia


It was a great honour for me to be invited to judge at the first ever clubshow of the White Shepherd Club of Estonia.

I was really looking forward to meet the Estonian owners and their dogs.

As it was my first ever visit to Estonia, I made it my journey a bit longer, to have the opportunity to see also a bit of the beautiful city of Tallinn.

Saturday morning I was ready to judge the nice entry of 32 dogs. Although it was really cold the sun was shining so all the white shepherd made a very nice picture on the green grass.

I started with one beautifull baby male. He was very promising, and had a nice temperament

The one male and two female puppies turned out to be alll from one litter and they really looked like it.

The junior male class had some very nice dogs. The winner of this class was even second best male

The best male came from the Championsclass. He turned out to have the same father as the best female who came from the open class. They were both beautifull, and good movers.

I would like to make a few  remarks in generall about the entered dogs. Most temperaments were very good., as was the pigmentation. I saw some really beautifull dark eyes, with the nice expression I am looking for.

A bit of ringtraining would help some of the dogs to look better when being judged.

There was quite a difference in type, which is not a bad case. We see that in Holland too. One or two of the dogs were on the heavy side. A better condition and more muscles would complete a better picture.

Although bearing in mind that the white shepherd is a working breed , do not forget that being judged is also a beauty competition.

So, what we are looking for is a clean dog in good condition, looking like  it can do its job and fitting in the breed standard . I’m glad to say  most entered dogs did.

In this little comment I will not go into the details, because I did this already in the individual reports of each dog.

I will not end before I have complimented alle exhibitors for their sporting attitude.

A special thank you for  both ladies who did an excellent job, stewarding for me and writing down my judging reports.

Further a big thank you for looking after me so well, and making my stay so nice. I will remember the hospitality, the nice dogs, the friendly atmosphere. It was a very nice experience.


Erica Bakker-van de Woestijne